Traditional Games
1 March, 2018
Immerse yourself in the Catalan culture through its traditional games.
Olive Oil Tasting
Calafat - L'Ametlla de Mar
Olive oil, considered liquid gold since antiquity, is a currency, medicine, cosmetic, preservative and spices the Mediterranean diet.
Swimming With Giant Tunafish
1 January, 2018
Calafat - L'Ametlla de Mar
Possibly one of the best adventures of your life. You will be the protagonist of the unforgettable experience of swimming among hundreds of wild red tunafish.
Formula GT / Ferrari Experience
1 February, 2018
Calafat - L'Ametlla de Mar
Dare to drive a Ferrari in a competition circuit !!! Simulators, wheel change competitions in the Pit Lane like the Formula 1 professionals. If you are an engine lover you can not miss it.
Oysters and Mussels Delta Ebro
1 December, 2017
Calafat - L'Ametlla de Mar
Enjoy the maritime landscape of the Terres de l'Ebre and the Delta de l'Ebre while you relax and taste our products, mussels and oysters of the Delta de l'Ebre Appellation
Rice experience Delta de l’Ebre
Calafat - L'Ametlla de Mar
Una experiencia culinaria de productos km 0 del Delta del Ebro, con carácter competitivo donde un jurado imparcial puntuará todos los objetivos marcados en la experiencia así como las mejores elaboraciones de arroces y recetas típicas del Delta del Ebro
Calafat - L'Ametlla de Mar
Cut out a giant red tuna in a traditional Japanese way.
Safety Course / Sports
1 February, 2018
Calafat - L'Ametlla de Mar
Learn to drive safely and enjoy a sporty ride with our professional drivers in a competition circuit.
Aquatic Experience
Calafat - L'Ametlla de Mar
Live an unforgettable aquatic experience. We propose that you share with us the fascinating world of water sports
Human Towers
1 March, 2018
A workshop that will allow you to be part of this impressive and popular Catalan tradition.
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