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Plastics have become a major problem in our seas and oceans. It is not limited only to the large plastics that we find on our beaches, but the problem is much more serious since these plastics end up being divided into smaller, microscopic particles that fish, birds and marine vertebrates end up eating in very distant places from where these residues are produced.

In addition, it can be considered as a “boomerang” problem, since some of these fish that has ingested the plastics can become part of our diet.
We will approach this important topic with a series of practical and playful workshops to understand the complexity of the problem and its environmental implications.
Along with each activity, its duration is detailed. The names of the activities may vary. The activities can be shortened or lengthened according to the client’s interest.

Duration: All day

We will start the activity with a talk where we will explain the danger posed to the fauna by marine debris and we will talk about its origin, how the sea currents help to accumulate them in the most hidden corners of our coastline and how they can become true plastic islands of square kilometers in diameter in our seas.

Then we will sail with sea kayaks from the beach, observing the coast and learning to interpret the coast and coastal landscape from the sea, and navigate to reach a cove or hard-to-reach corner where garbage accumulates. We will pick up the trash we can carry while we sail in our kayak and return to the departure beach.
When we arrive at the beach, we will measure all the garbage collected with a “basurometro”, which we will leave on the beach or in a visible place for a few days so that users can see the large quantities of garbage collected.

At the end of the activity they will be sensitized on the importance of the collection of the waste, distributing a triptych with the information and making the explanations one by one, to personalize the message.


  • What is included?
    – Material to do the activities: kayaks, diving equipment …
    – Activity Monitors and Coordinator
    – Snack during the activity
    – Insurance for workers and accident and CSR workers.
  • What is NOT included?
    – Transport to the area of the activity

Our activities are designed for 40 participants per activity. They can be adjusted to
concrete needs of the activity.

Duration: 8 hours

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