Try Snorkel & Scuba diving

A TRY of SNORKEL & DIVING is the first experience in the world of diving, with all the necessary equipment to be able to be 45-50 minutes under water at a maximum depth of 5 meters, leaving directly from the beach. Before entering the water we will explain everything necessary about security, the material and we will explain about 25 minutes about the fauna and flora that we will be able to see during the experience.

Come and enjoy a SNORKEL & DIVING TRY, a 3-hour experience, where our guides, Oceanographers, will accompany you at all times, adapting to your rhythm and needs and explaining the curiosities of the fauna and flora.

Our diving try is different from the others, all the guides are biologists or marine scientists and we aim to spread our passion and knowledge about the sea in all those who come to enjoy with us.

Upon completion, we will give you a diploma that you have been baptized into the Try Scuba program of SSI.


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