Safety Course / Sports

Composed of 2 types of course in the same day:

Safety Course  taught on the school track, where you will learn the basics of driving, and that will serve as the basis for when we do the sports driving part.

Situations are reproduced in low grip conditions, performing all kinds of exercises that will help us to understand clearly and quickly the different behaviors of the vehicle. In the sliding track, agility and precision exercises are carried out with the steering wheel, emergency braking, curves and combined circuits, in two different tracks of sliding floor, outside the Circuit layout but within its facilities. Critical driving situations at low speed will be experienced to eliminate the risk.

The Sports safety driving course is done on the competition track and with higher performance vehicles. The first and fundamental is to memorize each type of curve well and study the lines to work more comfortably, knowing that the student has a clear idea of where to go. At the same time the monitor makes a detailed study of the student to detect their possible vices and defects acquired over the years and correct them.

Subsequently, the way to brake and accelerate in circuit is explained, while enjoying driving with a high performance vehicle.

The schedule attached below is orientative in such a way that the order of the tests could be modified if necessary.


09.00-09.30 Welcome, documentation and briefing
09.30-09.45 Ergonomics and driving position
09.45-10.15 Slalom
10.15-11.00 Emergency braking and dodging
11.00-11.30 Reaction time
11.30-12.00 Curved approach
12.00-12.45 Mickey Mouse
14.00-14.30 Activity briefing
14.45-15.45 Study of the layout
16.00-16.30 Vehicle behavior analysis
16.45-17.30 Series
17.45-18.00 Farewell and diplomas

You can form 1 group or 2 groups, depending on the number of people at the course. In the case of 2 groups, the 2 activities included in the course would be carried out in parallel. One group would be on a sliding track while the other would be on the competition track and vice versa.

The courses will be done with KIA cars (Picanto, Stinger, Ceed and Stonic) The rate includes:

  • Safety / sports driving course
  • The pilot’s daily insurance and water
  • 1 monitor for every 4 students
  • Use of sliding track and speed track
  • Use of KIA vehicles
  • Diploma
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